Camilla d'Errico's Tanpopo

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The Premise of Tanpopo

Edge and emotion bring to life the story of a mysterious young girl who goes on a journey to experience emotion. She is released from the machine that has been her only existence in the hope of finding happiness.

Tanpopo is inspired and narrated by passages from classic literature and poetry. The words and images are woven together, telling Tanpopo's story as she is guided by the Faustian devil, Kuro, on her journey into the world of humanity and what it means to feel."

The overall story arc is based on Faust, by German author Goethe, and the first book's narration and dialogue contains passages from this historical masterpiece. Every subsequent volume is narrated by a different classic - poem or prose – from around the world. A recurrent theme in the literature will be evil or the Devil – with a very specific purpose: the use of the literary "devil" isn't meant to illustrate good versus evil or to spark religious debate. Tanpopo is a story about what makes us human, what we perceive – as humans, and what defines who we are.

Tanpopo is not an illustrated poem nor is it a reinterpretation of literature. It is a unique visual and literary experience that combines a rare, open storytelling format with oriental aesthetics and character development, while bringing long lost or little known classic literature to today's audience – both young and mature.

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