Camilla d'Errico's Tanpopo

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The Characters of Tanpopo


Mysterious, strong willed, acutely intelligent, analytical, emotionally empty, proud, aloof, a smart alec, and curious; yet underneath she is insecure, yearning for emotion, afraid, unsure, and naïve. She is a mystery; we don't know her origins or anything about her attachment to the machine.

Kuro [Poodle Form]

Mischievous, playful, cute, and seemingly innocent. From Goethe's story, the Devil shows himself to Faust in his dog form, called poodle. He transforms into his 'boy form' and other characters in order to carry out his cunning plans.

Kuro [Human Form]

Childish, handsome, fierce yet gentle. He switches to his boy form when he must carry out his plans involving other people. He is protective of Tanpopo and never loses sight of her for long.

Kuro [Fox Form]

The fox visits Tanpopo one night to reassure her that he has not left her and will protect her.


Kuro supercharges himself, transforming into Specter to shoot the "specter bark", the fateful arrow that will bring down the albatross.

Miss Ni

The gentle old lady who owns a teashop and is spurned by her village for her age and ugliness. She takes Tanpopo into her home, introducing her into society and caring for Tanpopo like a mother.

Imp of Darkness

Suddenly appearing at night to attack Tanpopo, he meets his end at the hands of Kuro.

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